Served with fresh crisp salad and choice of mint yoghurt

  • Tandoori Chicken£3.75
  • Shami Kebab£3.75
  • Shish Kebab£3.75
  • Mix Kebab£4.50
  • Rashami Kebab£4.25with an omelette
  • Chicken Molai Paneer£4.75with cottage cheese
  • Chicken Tikka£3.75
  • Chicken Nazakath£4.50Chicken cooked with fresh cream, butter, mustard and sugar
  • Lamb Tikka£4.00
  • Stuffed Peppers£4.25Mildly spiced chicken, vegetables or minced lamb
  • Murg Pettiss£4.50Chicken pieces with onion & green pepper. Served like a chicken roll
  • Chicken Chat on Puri£4.50
  • Chicken Pakora£4.25
  • Meat Samosa£3.50